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Poem with a Tiger

Every day I come back to this posting by my friend, Arlitia Jones, in which she has posted her exquisite poem. It gives me chills! XO Anne



I want to start an argument

with a tiger. I want to provoke him.

I want to growl back at him,

bare my teeth when he bares his

so we both flash the long sharp knives

of our conviction. I want to cross

the line. I want to call him out

from behind his leafy cover,

square my shoulders, match his crouch

and when he lunges, I want to lunge

so we crash against each other. I want

to tear his bizarre orange hide, bite into

his velvet throat. I want to suffer

his heavy blow to my chest,

I want him to open

my skin. I want him to stand

his ground so I can rise up

on my two legs against him, so we

can lock arms in a fierce embrace. I want

to push him back, I want him to shove

me back until we are both…

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